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KanBo - the Art of moderation

KanBo combines the elements of Kanban with Socialcomm and the very best of Microsoft SharePoint.
KanBo visualizes the flow of work inside of organizations and helps them to get the work done in a sustained manner.

What can KanBo do for your organization?

Visualization of work

All people are on the same page, always!

Instant Clarity

Capture the current reality of projects or teams - base your decisions on current figures

Productivity boost

Minimalization of waste of time e.g. waiting for someone who does not know about it

Improved communication quality

Collaboration takes place in the context of a card, which reduces repeating redundant information (in-context-communication)

Collect social knowledge

In a way that reusing it is a zero effort task for employees. Start to profit from your organization's knowledge today.

Easy to learn - no training required

People will understand the concept and the GUI immediately - higher productivity and satisfaction among employees guaranteed.

Flexible structure

Adapt the flow to any situation, process or project

Enable mobile workers

Full scope of functionality available on touch enabled devices (tablets, smartphones).

Limit work in progress

Prevent bottlenecks, quickly identify problems with flow of work and information, govern work and how if flows.

Works on Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure

Reduce TCO and reuse established organization's infrastructure

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